DIY Tips and Ideas to Achieve a Country Decor Style

There are few styles cozier and more inviting than country décor. Comfortable yet stylish, country home décor provides the perfect mix between a blissful retreat at the end of a long day and a rustic, sophisticated environment for entertaining.

Attaining a country décor look is easier than one might guess. It can be as simple as adding a few touches to the bedroom, a few decorative accents to the living room, or a few additions to the kitchen. Just tweaking the lighting or changing the wallpaper can make a big difference in a home. A few thoughtful touches and well placed items will turn your house into the country retreat everyone wants to call “home”.


Country Kitchen

A country style kitchen is a warm and welcoming room, its colors and set up inviting friends and family to gather around and stay awhile. There are several elements and ideas to consider when decorating your kitchen in a country style. Cabinets are key in projecting a country look. Because of their prominent location, cabinets are naturally the first to draw the eye’s attention. Country décor style emits a very specific type of cabinet. They are rustic, often distressed, and covered with a hardy paint or stain. Many have windows on their doors through which you can display your favorite antique dishes. Check out this picture from Better Homes and Gardens. Note the size, style, and feel of the cabinets.

It can be easy to give your cabinets a country style makeover, with some sanding and a few coats of paint. Add some rustic handles to complete the effect.

The lighting in your kitchen also drastically changes the personality and feel of the room. Kitchens with bright, fluorescent lighting create a doctor’s office atmosphere. Many country style kitchens rely on natural lighting, from a window or skylight. If that kind of lighting is not easily accessible for you, installing hanging light fixtures, such as the one below, will create a warmer, softer glow in your kitchen.

Small accents and touches throughout the kitchen will add to the country style. Place a bouquet of colorful flowers on your center kitchen island to bring a center focal point to the room. Invest in some attractive canisters or antique cabinets to complete your look.

Living Room

Country Living Room

The living room is a place where home décor can really become an expression of who you are. This is the place where everyone gathers, and it is important that this room feels like “home” to you and your family. Country décor furniture comes in a variety of types and styles. Almost any color can be incorporated in country décor, so don’t be afraid to choose your favorite. The main look you want to achieve in your living room is one of comfort. Accent couches and chairs with warm, knitted throws, or comfortable decorative cushions.

Choose furniture pieces that have a past- often, the ones found in antique and thrift stores are the ones that fit in the best. Pieces with gathered skirts, rich patterns and textures often fall under the “country” category. Pick furniture that is comfortable and inviting. Anything you wouldn’t want to curl up in with a cup of tea and a blanket should not be bought. A country décor living room should be kid friendly and accessible to even the smallest members of your family.

When creating a country décor style, rethink your shelf space! Shelves are a great place to display collectibles, antiques, flowers, and special items that will line the perimeter of your room. Choose a wallpaper or paint that is livable and inviting. Often, feminine, flowery wallpaper makes a great contrast with rustic, barn style furniture. If your furniture is patterned, a more neutral wall will keep the room from looking cluttered.

If possible, use natural light to brighten the room. It give your living area create a softer, more welcoming look. Floor to ceiling windows, glass doors, and skylights are all effective ways to incorporate more natural light. If large windows are not a possibility in your living room, try hanging a mirror over the fireplace or in another prominent location. Mirrors act almost as another window, reflecting light and giving the living room a bigger, brighter effect.

A fireplace is an important aspect of a country style living room, creating a focal point for the eyes and a center for other pieces to gather around. French country style would require a stone fireplace, but any warm, artfully placed fireplace and mantel will work as a centerpiece for the room.


Country Bathroom

The bathroom is an integral part in creating a country style look throughout your whole house. The bathroom is your quiet, personal retreat, and it should feel like stepping into a quiet country cottage every time you walk into it. A full bathroom makeover can become expensive quickly, but a few small adjustments can take it from mismatched chaos to a country oasis.

Ideally, a country décor bathroom would include an antique, four legged bathtub, such as the one pictured below from Country Living:

However, many of us don’t have the money or space for such a sweet luxury right now, there are ways to incorporate country décor into your bathroom without breaking the bank. The pictures below are bathrooms from Coco Kelley and House & Home. Notice the touches they add to create a country feel:

Adding homey accents and accessories will make your country style bathroom feel more authentic. Rather than keeping your medicines, toothbrushes, and hair products on the counter, store them in porcelain canisters or move a rustic, antique dresser into the bathroom to put them in. You will feel more organized, and you will like the look it creates. Think twice before using the florescent lights that came with the house. Bringing in a textured reading lamp will emit a softer, more relaxing glow. Set a wicker hamper in the corner for an authentic look. Don’t be afraid to display pretty collectibles, like soaps or nice smelling perfumes.

Pick towels that are thick, comfortable, and made for use. White, crisp towels will create a bright and clean feeling; patterned, rich hues will instill a feeling of comfort and security. On the wall, install a wooden or white washed rack with knobs for each family member’s towel. Choose a rack that fits with your personality. Here are two very cute and country options:

Wallpaper is never out of place in a country bathroom, but may peel off easily due to the humidity of the room. Placing pictures of your favorite things around the room- whether that is flowers, animals, or people, will add to its personality and character.

Country star bathroom décor is a popular form of decoration. The colors and textures combine to create an aged, comfortable look that instantly feels like home. Consider incorporating this look into your country style bathroom:


Country Bedroom

There are many ideas around for creating a country style bedroom, and rightly so- the bedroom is an area almost free from any decorating rules. First and foremost, in country style décor, the bedroom should feel like a sanctuary, where you can take a deep breath, relax, and sleep peacefully. There are many ways to decorate a bedroom, all falling within the country style realm.

Typically, country style beds are completed with a simple, rustic, wooden headboard. However, it is not uncommon to find a four poster beds in a French cottage style bedroom. Homemade or family quilts make for a great bedspread, combining a unique story with something beautiful to look at.

Simple, distressed furniture pieces work well in the bedroom, creating a homemade, thrown together look. Try tying your curtains back with rope or twine, or ribbon for a more feminine vibe. Fill a water pitcher with flowers and place it on the nightstand next to the bed for farmhouse appeal. Paint and sand your bureau, and accessorize it with vintage vases and favorite collectibles. For lighting, consider using a kerosene or glass lamp to cast an old, familiar glow throughout the room.

When decorating a bedroom in country style, don’t shy away from flowers. Incorporate them into your bedspread, decorative pillows, and wallpaper. Flowers bring familiarity to the onlooker to make them feel more at home. Rugs make a hardwood or tile floor feel instantly more welcoming, and a rug decorated with flowers bring a cheery and inviting aspect to the room.

Be creative about displaying jewelry, scarves, and other accessories. Try using an old repainted window shutter for your necklaces and earrings. Find an antique coat rack to hang your scarves on. Build a rustic wooden shelf to display your perfumes and soaps. This will give the room a touch of creativity.

When guests arrive, add special touches to make your country style décor feel more authentic. Keep fresh flowers in the guest room, and open the windows on warm days to let in a breeze. Put a large vase of water next to the bed. If you can find a water basin, arrange it on the vanity or dresser. Make sure the guest has access to plenty of blankets. You want your home to feel as comfortable as it looks, for everyone who walks through your doors.


French Country Decor

Country décor is a popular genre, and there are other decorating styles closely related to it. French country décor places an emphasis less on well arranged trinkets and more on rustic charm. French country style focuses on stone and distressed wood. It is more spacious and airy than typical country décor.


To attain a French country style in the kitchen, begin by installing a wooden island or kitchen table. This small addition instantly makes the room look more rustic-chic. The center island panels should not be enclosed- use the open space to display your steel and porcelain cooking utensils. Chairs should be made of wood, with a possible straw rattan over the chair seat. Floors in French country kitchens are commonly made of wood, stone, or brick, accented with cotton and wool rugs for a soft overlay. It might be a nice idea to place a rug near your kitchen table, if your floor is made of wood. Steer clear of wallpaper in the kitchen; rather, paint the walls in earthy tones- deep yellow, orange, or gray. Since French kitchens do not usually have built in cabinets, use a free standing armoire or cabinet for storage.

Dining Room

The dining room usually has traces of more sophistication. Tall windows and fabric curtains make the room look elegant. Tie in plaids or prints for added texture. Keep your fine china and serving ware displayed on the table, to give the look of being continuously prepared to entertain. The pictures below from Country Living are good examples of a French country kitchen and dining room.

Living Room

French country living room décor ideas cover a wide range of elements. It is hard to go wrong with the wall color. The French are known for their bold and beautiful hues of blue, lavender, apricot, gray, green, and orange. Pick something that you think will add finish to the room, but not overpower it, and pick furniture to match. French country style is partial to light, rustic, furniture. White washed furniture is especially common in French country homes. Incorporate a few elegant accents and accessories to the room, such as a beautiful vase, painting, or rug.


The French country bathroom is very similar to that of country décor. The room should have an airy, light, feel, with antique pieces and touches to give it a farmhouse look. The bedroom will often showcase a four poster bed, sometimes with a canopy. Use bright, rich, or pastel colors, and incorporate flowers into the room when possible.


Primitive Country Decor

Primitive country décor is yet another variation of country décor. Primitive country décor is simpler than regular country décor and French country décor. It gives off a more rustic, farmhouse look. Use earthy tones when painting in this genre, and keep the furniture looking rustic, simple, and handmade. Use woods and stone in the kitchen and bathroom. Incorporate as much natural light as possible. The overall look should be non-cluttered, bright, and simple.

There are few styles easier to attain and more satisfying to inhabit than that of country décor. Enjoy incorporating these simple ideas into your house to make it the most inviting and enviable of homes.


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