8 Ways to Create a More Organized Bedroom

What better way to start the new year than by organizing your home? Here, tips and tricks on how to create a more organized bedroom so you can make more space for sleep and romance. And don’t miss more.


1. Choose matching storage boxes.
In the bedroom of designer Sam Allen’s Connecticut apartment, bright orange boxes create a unified look (while also concealing small items).


2. Create a “drop zone” just outside the bedroom.
The key to a clutter-free bedroom? Keeping clutter out of it in the first place. A slim chest of drawers and a gorgeous bowl in the hall of designer Lindsey Coral Harper’s apartment offers a spot to put away books or small accessories that would clutter up your nightstand.


3. Tuck in a basket
A rounded basket fits just under the nightstand in a bedroom by Christina Rottman. For a similar look, choose a basket woven from natural fibers that’s large enough to hold a spare blanket (or function as a mini hamper).


4. Hide storage in plain site
In this elegantly bedroom in a Charleston home by Angie Hranowsky, white lacquer nightstands and a demilune cabinet have seamless fronts, which shifts the focus to their form rather than their function.


5. Place a trunk at the foot of the bed
The stunning bedroom in a Texas home by Nestor Santa-Cruz makes storage a statement with an exquisite antique trunk placed at the foot of the bed. If you can’t find a similar hand-painted chest, opt for a classic trunk in a neutral finish.


6. Choose a bed with built-in drawers
Fitzhugh Karol and Lyndsay Caleo of The Brooklyn Home Company had to get very creative when designing a 400-square-foot apartment. Not an inch of space is wasted — even the bed frame maximizes functionality thanks to built-in shelves.


7. Two-tiered table as a nightstand
Also designed by Angie Hranowsky, this bedroom features a clean-lined table instead of a traditional nightstand. The second level is perfect for placing books, magazines, and even your tablet, keeping the top level clear.


8. Hide Underbed Storage
This peppy pink-and-green bedroom belongs to the daughter of designer Amanda Lindroth. The tailored bedskirt is in keeping with the room’s decor and brings color to an unexpected place. In your own home, a bedskirt isn’t just for style — it can also hide under-bed boxes.