Vintage Desk Decor

So, I am aware that it’s basically December and publishing a pole with no sign of pine needles or flocked snow is apparently akin to impudence, however let us be rebels! A month or so ago I found this hallway table in a community warehouse for about $ 120.

It had been great however, being standard table height, only a bit too tall (sorry, I still do not have a before pic). Together with operating as a desk to get a four year old, I also needed this thing to serve as his table, you see.


Fortunately, curtailing completely increased furniture is in my repertoire! Before I’ve already shortened a hall table to be an desk (for my daughter), a games console table to turn into a TV cupboard, a dining table to become a coffee table, a dresser to eventually become a seat chair, and that I could probably go on!

Anyhoo, it is a very easy process as I’m sure you can imagine. I simply used a simple hand found to trim off an equivalent portion of each leg (around 18cm/7″).


Because my desk legs had been turned (as may be found in the photographs — detect both pairs of rings, well, there was three more pairs), I decided to utilize the lowest turnings as my trimming point because of the fact they were set at around the right height. This made my cutting simple and produced a nice flange at the end of this “new” feet. Because the turnings were placed at about the ideal height, additionally, it meant that the desk ended-up a little shorter than perfect.

Fortunately, this is really a blessing in disguise since it gave me the concept of adding these castor wheels from Ancient Settler. They boost the elevation a bit and fill out the desk perfectly!

I love furniture with little wheels! Don’t you?
On the identical day I bought the desk I also picked-up this candy classic cushioned chair.

I found it on eBay for only $19 and I really like it.
It’s got the perfect quantity of grunge, is somewhat unusual and is even height adjustable.


Originally I thought I was going to need to paint the table because the yellow of the seat appeared to battle with its gold wood. Although the color combo is growing on me. I guess I’ll reserve judgement until the whole room is pieced together.

Speaking of the entire area, if you have been following along with the makeover, then you’ll know that these pics have obviously been taken everywhere. Because in Riley’s bedroom the desk sits in the front of a complete length window that makes it nearly impossible to get a picture, I’ve staged my living space with this shoot.

Additionally, it meant I could utilize the enormous vintage wall chart that was likely to be thrown off in the college my husband works in! What were they? I have questions regarding all the stuff schools should have thrown out through the years.

Although there will not be room for your wall chart in Riley’s area, the newest textured carpet along with tennis rackets will eventually live there. So too might the brass magnifying ram’s skull and stand. We’ll see.