Organize a Beautiful Closet in 6 Easy Steps

Just about all of us have one. There is that it’s jam packed with so much stuff in a disorganized fashion that if you realize something you will need A cupboard in it, you dread since finding it’s not going to be easy, opening that door! In our home, it is a walk in closet upstairs that we nicknamed “The Hoard Closet” a few years back since… well, you will see why in only a minute! It’s the only storage closet in our home so that it’s become the dumping grounds for everything from fabrics (oh my gosh, so many fabrics!) To paint swatches to bags and pillows that are extra which we store a number of winter gear and our off-season clothes. There was some semblance of organization the shelves filled up, when we moved in 3 years ago but over the years and then we began to just put things on the ground.

Our jumble of a storage closet before its makeover:



You’d think that I would have cleaned it up just a bit before taking some “before” pics so that it seemed more “untidy” than a “complete and absolute train wreck” although real is real so I’m sharing my complete, unadulterated hoard closet in its own glory. My closet was looking just like that when I had been approached by InterDesign about working together on a company project — the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because this hoard closet of mine had been going to reach critical mass! But in all honesty, I hadn’t heard of InterDesign before so I wanted to make certain they had reputable, functional (and naturally pretty!) Feel great about sharing with you personally and products I would want to utilize in my home. It turns out that I’ve some of their products in my home already but just did not understand it and there is a great chance that you do too.

They have over a thousand products on Amazon (with overwhelmingly positive reviews) and some of their products can be seen in stores such as organizational biggie The Container Store along with Target, Lowe’s, and also many more. So with my InterDesign “background check” being a full blown go, I moved forward to partnering with them on this particular post by scouring their available goods, selecting the ones that I felt would work best for my own space, and then going to town in my cupboard! I happy to share its new, way more, and more pretty coordinated appearance. It used to seem like that when you walked in (the closet door would be the furthest back that it goes since there was a lot of things behind it!)



So lots of amazing closet business ideas in this post! Really like the products for storing and organizing it all!

My husband’s jaw just about dropped open when he saw that the “later”! His initial response was “Where is all?” (which also came with a tiny look of dread since I believe he got concerned that I purged his stuff — I’ve been threatening to get rid of a couple things of his in here for decades!) . And if I did eliminate probably about 1/4 of everything was in here (all of my own things — my spouse was spared!) , it was the organization products that makes this look like a brand new area.

There were several steps in getting from this it’s-so-embarrassing hoard closet to this organized and practical “following” — here’s how it all went down, including my very best closet organization tips!

Step 1: simply take out everything. Yes, everything! And purge. .

If your cupboard has gotten to hoard status like mine, you will need to start with taking everything out so that you can actually observe everything that you have and choose on what’s going back in and everything could be donated, sold, or trashed. Should you leave everything in your closet and begin organizing from there, you’ll err more towards keeping things than regretting them and the entire process will require you more in the end than if you’d just taken the opportunity to find out everything in the first place. I’ll confess, it completely pained me to clutter up our recently madeover bonus room that my hoard cupboard is off of and I was horrified to see just how much material was really packed with this cupboard (pardon the Terrible iPhone pic):

Emptying out your cupboard is the first step into getting it organized!

There ended up being lots of things that I understood we either didn’t need anymore and could remove or might be moved to our unfinished basement to be stored long term (what we rarely, if ever use but still need to maintain).


Step two: take stock of everything you have & Purchase the organizing products you desire

Everybody will have different needs for their closets — for instance, there’s no method that the majority of people have as large of a hoard stash of pillows and fabrics to arrange because I do! You have done your own numbing and now that everything is out from the closet, it’s time to take a close look at everything you have and work out the best options for coordinating it. Because I have so many fabrics, drapes, and pillow covers to store, I wanted a storage solution that shielded them from becoming dust-covered, yet was easy to get (I did not need to have stacked plastic containers which I’d have to rearrange every time I needed to get out something). I LOVE them and chose several of the cloth dressers of InterDesign! On the left hand side of the cupboard, I lined up three of (these tall four-drawer dressers) side by side:

Loving every one of the tips in this article for organizing your closet! These cloth dressers are fantastic for coated storage that’s easy to access!

And on the Perfect hand side of my closet, I’ve (this lower 5-drawer dresser) that gives me space to hang some things above it:

Totally receiving them for my storage! Fabric dressers with pull-out drawers in various sizes – adore!

They have to have been easy to set up because my kid did it for me and did not ask to get a single tool or piece of help and it’s crazy exactly how much stuff I was able to fit in them! Each of the overflowing piles of fabric and pillow covers, our winter gear (hats, gloves, scarves), lightbulbs, crafts supplies, and all which was formerly scattered about the closet is now neatly organized inside of them. And I love that that they pull all of the way out in the event you’re looking for something at a bin, you can simply pull it right out, place it on top of the dresser (that’s why I did not place anything on top of mine!) , and readily look through to find what you require. Additionally, I needed some Bigger bins for bigger items and goods to organize shoes, totes, wristlets, and a few other items.

Step 3: preferably up your cupboard & mild it right!

Not all of you are wired just like I am, but having a space that is pretty pushes me to keep it organized and clean. I believe a part of the reason that my cupboard got to hoard standing is the fact that it was a lit area with a paint colour that is beige and I didn’t like or care about doing it. After everything was out of my closet, I freshened it up by painting what white — it had been speedy and cheap to do but made a huge difference. I was just going to begin working on putting everything back in when I realized I had some of (this background) leftover from my recent craft room redesign, so I chose to wallpaper the far wall of the cupboard with it. A Number of you might think a wallpapering that the cabinet is ridiculous and that is fine but as a fast little additional that cost me nothing, it makes me appreciate my newly organized space that even longer:

Great post sharing the best products for organizing your cupboard and the way to start doing this. And I LOVE these backgrounds !! was used by her

Today’s also the time to change your lighting up if that is needed. The lighting in our cupboard was previously a single bare lightbulb in the ceiling which throw a very yellowy glow and didn’t light the space. Plus, in many (if not all) states, it is contrary code to have a bare lightbulb in a cupboard as it is a fire hazard. I swapped out it myself in roughly 20 minutes for (this easy 4000K low profile LED flush bracket) that has been under $50 and contains the LED bulb. Now I’m up to code and my space is nicely lit with a much “whiter” light!


Step 4: place back into the “major players”

This is my favourite area — time to start placing your closet back together! Begin with putting your major players back in place that includes bigger pieces that could fit well in certain areas and any furniture pieces. Along with the fabric dressers, ” I had a specific place that I wished to place (these brand new rope managed striped storage bins).

All these rope handled storage containers are an ideal size for sitting on cupboard shelves (and so fairly)! Tons of great ideas that are organizational in this informative article!!

They fit perfectly lengthwise on a standard 12″ plate and that I love that they’ve rope handles on either side so they are easy to pull out and tote around. One of these has all of the bedding for our AeroBed also it’ll be so easy to catch and take to the area where we’re setting the inflatable bed up. I also purchased a couple of (InterDesign’s grey cloth storage cubes) that can also be perfectly sized for 12″ shelves. I have one over my rope basket holding little games:

Great looking, practical storage cubes that are fantastic for organizing your closet!

And one holding other flops on the plate above my (new fabric shoe & boot organizer) which I set into place also:

Loving all of the closet business notions in this informative article! Ideas for keeping and organizing your shoes, purses, and much more!

One of the characteristics that I enjoy about the InterDesign’s dangling shoe/boot planner is the fact it’s pockets on each side like a huge pocket on the left side that I threw a couple of clutches into.

Storage pocket to both sides of a dangling boot and shoe organizer – wise business idea!

And three smaller pockets on the right side that I filled with some wallets that I am not ready to part with yet. Now that we have got All our major players in place it’s on to…

Step 5: label!

The secretary in me LOVES to label things (and my youngest daughter uttered this love too so she had been my label maker!) . It takes about 15 minutes if you have a labeler and will end up saving you a lot of time looking for things in the future. I’ll easily remember what’s in Every One of my larger bins, but there’s no way that I’ll remember where what’s at the drawers of this dressers therefore we tagged each and every one of these:

Great article filled with closet business thoughts! These labeled storage drawers!

I’ve (this labeler — the LM280) that I purchased because it has a feature where you are able to use any font that’s on your PC. As it happens, I ended up enjoying one of their regular fonts so have always used that. It’s super simple to prepare and use. I love that the drawer pulls the cloth since it leaves a wonderful area dressers are south of middle. Because I knew I was more likely to continue to keep things labeled with everything I need readily accessible, I put my labeler along with a few different items I sometimes need in my closet into (InterDesign’s acrylic bag) and placed it on a low shelf where it’s easy to catch and use.

This acrylic bag is the perfect grab and move thing to help you stay organized!

I also went to town on my paint chips because even though I believe I have like three duplicates of every paint strip out there, I will never find the ones that I need when I want them. Rather than organizing them by new, I organized them by color because that is how I’m most likely to utilize them. As an example, I shot my favorite gray paint pockets and chips, punched holes in the corner and then added a tiny loose-leaf ring and a labeled white tag so the next time I’m looking for a gray paint shade, I’ve got all of my favourite grays from various manufacturers in one easy to catch place!

Love the idea for organizing paint strips by colour – makes it so simple to observe all of your paint colour options for a specific color household!


Step 6: put your smaller organizers in place & bring everything else back in!

Now it is time to haul everything else back in! I brought back my smaller organizers initially, including (this purse organizer) and also this emptiness hook that I have hanging on my 5-drawer fabric dresser.

I want these for organizing my bag and totes in my cupboard! Appreciate that they are very easy to catch and go!

It feels like once I want one of my bags or wristlets, I am always in a hurry about to head out the doorway and having them stored this way can permit me to grab them quickly and move. (InterDesign’s purse organizer) works great for my totes and would also work well for lots of different items such as vases or baseball caps.

For the wristlets, (this all round organizer hook) does the work well and can be used for an endless number of items. Based on the reviews, plenty of individuals keep it in their own closet as a quick hanger for clothing they would ordinarily throw at the day’s end onto a chair or the ground. Other people use it for umbrellas bras, belts, and all sorts of things.


And alongside both of those I have (InterDesign’s belt & tie rack) — normally you would hang your belts by the buckle so that they’d hang all of the way down but because I’ve my storage dresser beneath mine, I just looped the whole belt over the hooks that worked great too.

After my organizers were all in place, I hauled everything else back into my closet and found a house for this. I was astonished at more spacious my closet looks and how much fit in my cloth dresser drawers — I think that it looks more like 3/4 of it is gone while I just got rid of roughly 1/4 of everything was inside! Instead of the agony of having to locate something grabbing a bag, game, or a pair of winter gloves is currently a breeze!