Fabulous Christmas Living Room

I can write this post with a, “Hello and welcome into our home, in which the greenery is flawlessly hung along with a speck of dust does not exist and every little thing has a place in every coordinated cranny.” In case you looked at the photos within this article, since the fact is you’d find that thought.

Now, I am joining in with my sweet friends Krista of The Happy Housie and April in House by Hoff along with a bunch of super talented bloggers to discuss a little of our homes all gussied up for Christmas.


And now I must inform you, when I’m scrolling through each one of these stunning Christmas excursions in blogland and watching all of the attractively styled homes on Facebook and Instagram, I begin to hear that small voice.

The one that whispers, “You’re not doing enough.” That little voice is much more of a “bah humbug” compared to Scrooge himself. You are a rock star, and do not you forget it. I expect, this Christmas, that you select elegance. Not to be confused with “graceful”… Clumsy McGee talking over here. But as soon as the dishes pile up and the laundry calms overflow… choose elegance. If a cookie baking session along with your children turns to a frosting explosion… pick elegance.

Christmas is joyful and exciting and magical in so many ways, but it is always this time of year once I have to remind myself that how I really like others things a lot more in my everyday actions than it will in my present shopping, compared to in my decorating, more than within my fun-activity-planning.


Because that someone that cut you off in traffic could be thinking about a missing loved one who will not be here on earth this year. Because that tempered Bride might be worried about how she will cover her bills and still make Christmas happy for her children.

Since person who gets mad on social media could be dealing with a struggle in his own life which we all know nothing about. Because possibly the Grinch had it. Maybe Christmas does not come from a shop.

I guess it seems contrary to share our living room all decorated for Christmas with such a punch-you-in-the-gut message, but it’s a bit of my own heart, also something I need to tell myself each day this time of year.


But first and foremost, I hope you select grace on your own.

That Christmas tree full of popsicle stand decorations and pipe cleaner candy canes crafted by teeny hands is more lovely than any magazine could ever produce. The folks in your home matter dangling outside of it. You search for this, as real beauty is everywhere .

Sometimes it is the Grinch of their afternoon, the Scrooge of this week, the Abominable Snowman we experience in the mall which could teach us more about the true meaning of Christmas than anyone else. It’s because people receive just a Grinchy ourselves every now and then.


But finally, even Scrooge figured it out. “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year long.” Merry Christmas friends. I expect it’s amazing, that it is perfectly imperfect in many ways, and full of grace and love and forgiveness.