How to Paint Anything to Look Concrete

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit. I mean, don’t paint your puppy to look like cement or something crazy. Ha!

If you’ve got a bunch of decor items lying around that perhaps could use a contemporary refresh or just a fun craft idea that’s simple to perform (since this girl right here is so not crafty), I have found my new favorite item, cement art paint.

The other week I discovered that these ceramic magnolia figurines at the thrift shop for a dollar each.


They were chipped and dusty but I wondered just how adorable they would seem as tangible statuettes. I love finding accent pieces such as those to place along with book stacks or onto a tray or wherever a small something will fit in as a finishing touch.

And then I discovered this art paint kit for making a textured concrete effect. The simple and quick projects are my favourite, although I wasn’t planning to post about this particular one. And you could use this stuff.

Provides Used:

  • Moderate sized craft brush
  • FolkArt Painted Finishes Concrete Place
  • Plastic drop cloth or a rag to protect your face

It was literally just 2 steps. (Former English instructor me takes the word “literally” very badly, just so that you know.)


Using a craft brush, paint your piece all over first at a dabbing motion. The paint has this unique consistency.

While the light paint color is still wet, dab on the dark paint shade in areas where you want depth or just intentionally dab to subtly mix for an irregular appearance.


There are several ceramic and metallic accents I see all the time in the thrift shop that could look totally fresh and different using this material. So I thought I’d pass it along, if you’re like me and love everything that was concrete.

I wound up putting one of those little men on our foyer torso where I’ve been working virtually all weekend to suspend our gallery wall. And we now have some advancements in the dining area tomorrow, I will be discussing! Woo into the hoo! (Along with the exterior of our house is halfway finished with the limewashed brick.