The Perfect Christmas Mantel

By now, I’m certain you are all back into your regular routines, with all of the Christmas sparkle packed away for another year. It comes and goes so quickly, does not it? I really liked our plaid Christmas decoration this year, however I have to admit once the time came to place it away, I was perfectly content. Following 6 weeks of Christmas decorations (we decorate at mid November), it was time to put it away, and think about decorating a far easier Winter Mantel.

This season, I chose to maintain some greenery in my mantel using white lights for another month or so.


However, my sister does this, and it makes all feel a little cozier. I suppose I always subscribed to the ‘No greenery following Christmas’, however it’s such a ridiculous ‘rule’! In regards to your residence, you need to do whatever floats your boat!

To create this year’s ‘Winter Mantel’, ” I removed everything that cried ‘Christmas’, also kept only a number of the wintery stuff, such as birch logs, pine cones, along with a set of white deer antlers.


There’s no glitter or sparkle or colour like I would normally do in Christmas. It’s impartial, and blends with the remainder of the room’s decor. As it is so cold and dark outside, I like turning to the white lights at supper time. This little bit of twinkle is only one of those pleasures that will allow us get through this ever so cold winter.

Therefore, let me do you go cold turkey with the white slopes and lights after Christmas, or do you ease into it with a Winter Mantel or even shelfie?