Simple Sunday Deck Restoration

The timber wasn’t rotting, however, it was weathered and shattered without having splinters all which it could not walk across. This is a large issue for the anti-shoe-wearing, woman. She enjoys playing at the nozzle and running around barefoot, so we needed to do anything about the wood ASAP.

It has been around the endless to-do listing to attempt and refinish the rear porch for some time today, and finally we got around to it weekly! It has been a summer here that we’ve not had without rain until lately. Hurricane Nate is falling a lot of weather out my window as I type that. We reach on that window of opportunity. Whew.


The staircase were broken, bouncy and that I feared I could fall through them together with each step. The railings were cracked I am amazed they were not split in two. And that I cringed her hands ran . I have spent more time attempting to dig on splinters than I would like to acknowledge. Approximately two weeks until we began painting the deck, then I required a pressure washer to knock off the mould and mildew and attempt to provide a good surface on which to adhere to the paint. I am happy I did this step though it abandoned the cracks wider.

I scoured Pinterest for deck paint colour ideas before I put this order. Initially I was planning to keep it simple and use the exact same color paint, but I fell in love with the deck notions I saw. Eventually, I settled on “Linen” (white) to your railings and spindles along with “Winchester” (brown) in the deck surface. Each one of the trim in our property is white, therefore that I felt as though it would truly help the porch “soda” with railings.


We began by painting the railings first so that it would not matter about any yells later. The 6X merchandise was utilized by us on the railings and it had been roughly exactly like ordinary paint. It required two coatings, which required a lengthy time spindle and to paint each rail. It did not fill in of the cracks so that he utilized wood unturned to fill out all the gaps and came back after the paint has been implemented. This essential time to dry and then sand, which added time. It had been quite a little bit of work, maybe not needing lie. However, after it was completed, it seemed OUTSTANDING.

Although I stress washed it, I still wished to make absolutely sure there wasn’t any longer mold or mould lurking. So that the paint will make certain to hold up with time, I wished to trace the instructions of Rustoleum just.


I blended up Rustoleum’s Deck and Deck Cleaner at a garden sprayer (it is a focus so that you need to dilute it). I made it to sit down for 10 minutes and then wash it off entirely using the water hose till all of the soapiness was eliminated.

This step is totally counterintuitive, however, I did it since I was advised by them to. This Deck Start Wood Primer is designed to be utilized to moist wood. Not moist, not dry. I allow the deck sit for thirty minutes once I shut the cleaner off. Then, this Primer was implemented by me while it was still moist.


It completely blows my mind in which you’re able to apply this material to timber with moisture inside, but they promised me it had been the perfect method to do this. Since it got dark on me personally I really don’t have images of the procedure and that I was rushing to have it painted until I could determine exactly what I do.

It moves on kind of such as Elmer’s paste– a translucent colour. I used a nap roller that was typical . Once this was completed, I let it dry. That is the part that is confusing since the cans state you can apply the refinisher.


However, according to the specialists at Rustoleum you ought to wait 2 hours to the primer. Allow it to dry and they stated I had been delivered by Rustoleum this material back and it’s been sitting in my garage waiting to dry to finish the job. After we started up the 5 gallon buckets he detected all of the thickening substance had settled down to the base of the bucket.

When I was doing this job alone this could have freaked me out and I’d have stopped right here. BUT, Francisco carries his painting tools so that he had a paddle that he utilizes to combine sheetrock mud, therefore that he managed to stir up the paint . Be aware this might be a large problem for the normal Joe who does not have these kinds of tools.

He began by cutting in all of the borders with a normal paint brush. And he then used. So those cracks are filled in by that it quite 18, do not be reluctant to gloop it around the market.


Notice: Just roll in 1 direction. Don’t move forth and back like paint or it won’t adhere. One leadership looks, although this really is a tough habit to break if you are utilized using a roller to painting.

Just be certain that to have sufficient merchandise to complete the task! It required two buckets to complete the deck. The deck measurements are 14′ x 16′-6″ using a 4′ x 5′ pair of measures. We used every ounce of those huge 3.75 gallon buckets to complete the deck ONLY (not such as rails or measures).

When he implemented the merchandise he needed to stop and use a paint stick to scratch down the cracks between the timber. This was significant since it permits standing water to drain off the deck. For those who do not take action and it looks bad. That is fine, although it’s possible to observe a few spots which were missed.


The measures were in such horrible shape that he substituted them with more durable 2x12s and painted them to coincide with routine terrace paint. Additionally, I made the phone to include risers to hide the stuff that was nasty . When they had been painted white to match the railings that made a massive impact.

Everything perpendicular obtained painted white, whatever flat was painted that the Winchester Brown.

The tough finish seems much like Trex decking, also it is non-skid that I adore. Easy down everything and it might have taken to return within the areas using a paint brush, so tough is I. You will have to be cautious along the borders of the timber make it easy and to be sure. It’s rock hard, when it’s dries and there is no way.