Easy House Plants To Brighten Your Home

Are your windowsills littered with planters that were empty and shriveled leaves? Whether you are too busy or only a bit succeeds, it’s possible to still have greenery on your life using one of those easy houseplants! These no-fuss houseplants will bring life and colour to your house, and help purify the atmosphere. It is time to acquire the greenery you need — without the thumb! Which houseplants are you going to bring home?

Nerve Plant — Fittonia


Though small, the nerve plant packs a great deal of color into its little leaves! It is vivid green leaves are all lined with pink glowing red, or white veins. Plant it into a planter that offers contrast, or in a kettle that coordinates with the colours in its leaves. As streamlined and easy to care for as it is, the nerve plant is perfect for offices and tiny bedrooms. Nerve plants adore humidity, so bathrooms make homes for them too!

Elephant’s Ear — Alocasia


Elephant’s ears might seem like high maintenance plants, but they are not! These easy and exotic houseplants have dark green leaves shaped like defenses. To some, they look just like elephant’s ears (thus the candy nickname). This is the best plant for high humidity areas like kitchen and the bathroom.

Purple Passion Plant – Gynura aurantiaca


Though it might be hard to note in the film, the purple passion plant has green leaves coated in soft purple hairs. Depending upon the lighting, the plant looks like it has radiating purple neon light — that the purple really is vibrant! When it is young, the plant tends to grow upright. As it evolves, it could become which makes it the ideal plant for a hanging basket. If you don’t remember to water it, so don’t worry Purple passion plants tolerate soil well!

Boston Fern – Nephrolepis exaltata


Once it comes to becoming trendy, succulents take the cake! They come in so many colors, shapes, and dimensions, and can be implanted in virtually any type of container. You can plant a group of them in a wide container to get a statement-ready java table centerpiece. Or, plant a succulent and set it on your windowsill! So feel free to keep one of those houseplants at your desk or cubicle they flourish in natural or artificial lighting.

Boston ferns grow well indoors and out! Let’s thrive on your front porch and transfer it. With full , arching appearance and their soft, colorful green fronds, these houseplants make any space appear elegant and fresh! What’s more, ferns may also enhance the atmosphere in your home’s wellness. Costa Farms claims that inside, Boston ferns may also help remove toxins (such as toulene and xylene) in the atmosphere.