Simple Christmas Staircase Decorating in 15 Minutes

As it came time to decorating the staircase in my house for Christmas this year I went forth and back with thoughts. In my home I had a staircase which wrapped around a 2 story foyer. I’ve got a similar one today. I used to drape garlands equally real and imitation around and down the preceding one. Utilizing lush garlands is a approach however, it’s also time consuming.

This year I was looking for something easier.

I like new garlands. They look amazing, but they dry out way create a mess, plus greenery garlands are not cheap and if you need it can become costly or 30 feet.


When I used imitation garlands, it had been buy once and then utilize for a long time. They take time locate boxes to keep them all when not in use, make bows, add lights and then to fluff. I made the decision since they were getting old and dusty when we moved.

So this year rather than getting stressed out of decorating my stairs and thinking I must buy new garland, I just was not feeling it.

Instead I got an idea which I decided to proceed with. It took me 15 minutes because I also used Christmas ornaments I already had to perform and get me less than $ 10.


Instead of using garland to decorate the foyer stairs, I used garland ties.

If you aren’t familiar with garland ties, then they’re long wire ties that look like pine branches. Their objective is to connect garlands to stairs railings. You may purchase them at Walmart and on Amazon.

I have bought a couple unique types through time. Some are shades of green and are skinnier. I got mine for just $1.97 for a bunch of 10. I had 3 packs and bought an extra one to use for additional creative purposes like I shared in this article: Christmas Decorations Utilizing Garland Ties

The perfect length to wrap the ends involving 2 staircase balusters and then hook a decoration with a simple cable ornament hook.


It had been so simple to accomplish. I wrapped the conclusion of one garland tie on a baluster, made a dip in it and then wrapped the other end round the baluster to fasten.

Going up the stairs, I stair-stepped the placement of every garland tie…

….and utilized my stash of red Christmas tree ornaments. I didn’t have enough, so that I snapped a silver types up every so often. I like the mix of colors and shapes, although I may change them out with a few red ornaments that I have in my living space.

Once I got to the rail on the next floor, I lined the ties up in a lineup 6″ below the rail.

Decorating the stairs this manner was fast and simple, and no pulling out large boxes of garland in the attic or needing to manage the clutter and expense of fresh garlands. The garland ornaments and ties add just enough decoration to make the space appear vacation and festive ready.

About the desk/sideboard in the front of the stairs, I placed smaller red and 2 large mercury glass ornaments onto a plate to tie to the red, green and silver color scheme I had been searching for.

No mess, simple and simple to do.

When it is time to choose the ties and ornaments down, it is going to take no time whatsoever.